The West Coast! I Was Lost, Had No Direction, But Now I’m Finding My Way…

Intro To My Blog

Hi, welcome to my blog.

I choose liveyourpassion as the title of my blog because that’s what I try live for and I believe that’s what we are here to do in this life. To live one’s passion, whatever it may be.

1st Post: Intro, The Move to the West Coast! 

Other Topics I’ll Cover In My Blog 

1. My progress towards my goals. (learning the guitar, P90X, teaching meditation & pranayama and other goals I’ll set)

2. My fun and exciting job at Farm Fresh To You. (You’ll love the stories of the random people who I get to meet day to day)

3. Life in San Diego.

4. Hmmm. I’ll think of more.

The Move to the West Coast

My Hometown, Augusta, Wisconsin I grew up in a small country town in Wisconsin called Augusta. It’s the classic small town in Wisconsin that one imagines. Forests, green grass, rivers, lakes, farms and atv trails. Also, the pride of high school football. The population of the town consists primarily of blue collar workers, farmers, Mennonites and Amish.

Rodell_Augusta_Farm_Winter Traveling  It’s been 7 years since I moved away from home and in the first 5 years I only left Wisconsin a few times. Only to surrounding states. However, in March of 2012, I acted on unexpected inspiration and decided in that moment I will make my dream of traveling happen. Since then I lived in London, visited Germany, Italy, France, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Netherlands. This is my previous blog on my travels in Western Europe, London. Last year, I couch surfed in New York City, Boston, Cape Cod, and Montreal. This past January, two of my best friends and me embarked on a 20 day adventure out West. We visited South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Feeling lost After the road trip, I moved back home. At the time, I wasn’t sure what the next chapter in my life would entail. I just recently graduated from college and I had minimal work experience. I was living at home and had no direction. I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do. During those several months of being home, I was becoming depressed, scared, and I started to doubt my potential that my close friends and teachers have said they see in me. I started to think my close friends and teachers were all wrong.  I couldn’t see where my future was going. I couldn’t see the next steps to take. I was scared and wasn’t doing anything. But, I knew something major in my life had to change.

Making the move to the West Coast Then one of my best friends from college, who at the time was living out in San Diego called me. We talked for several hours and in that conversation I was inspired and I realized what this major change in my life would entail. I needed to move out West! Moving to San Diego, I didn’t have a job set-up. But, I was determined to go anyway. On June 6th, a month after the conversation with my friend, my mother drove my two little brothers and me to Madison. Madison was the first stop on my way out West. My little brothers and my mom walked me to the bus stop. Saying goodbye to my little brothers was sad, because I love them so much and have spent so much time with them over the years. But, I needed to make this change in my life, so I would have to say goodbye for now.

San Diego At this moment, it is now my 6th week in San Diego. The first week, I applied for work virtually everywhere. Jamba Juice, Pink Berry, Starbucks, coffee shops, local grocery stores, marketing companies, various wellness centers and several other businesses. The main tool in my job search was craigslist. After filling out dozens of job applications, attending several job interviews, I was fortunate and ended up with a job that I’m extremely happy with! I find the job motivating, challenging, rewarding and so much fun! I work as a sales rep for Farm Fresh To You, an organic farm, selling boxes of fruit and veggies to people. Sounds boring, but it’s really awesome! With this job, I get the opportunity to interact with over several hundreds of different people a week, see many different areas of San Diego, work with fun people, and I earn only on commission. Earning only on commission will turn most people away. But, for me, earning only on commission has been a great experience. It’s challenging, motivating and also very rewarding financially and emotionally. It’s only my 4th week working for the company and with hard work, confidence and ambition I’m already one of the top sellers on the team!

What I needed Looking back on these past 6 weeks, I feel this was the major change in my life that had to happen. I was lost, had no direction, but now I’m finding my way.

A thought I came up with after creating this first post.

There is always light when darkness is present, At times, we may not see it. But, it’s there.


Thank you for reading my first post. I hope you found inspiration from it.

In the comment section, I would love to have you share an experience when you made a major change in your life that caused you to be inspired. What did you do, what followed after the change, what changes did you make, who helped inspire you?  🙂

Again, thank you for checking out my blog,


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